About me

Everything that defines me.

FROM Baden-Württemberg TO EuropE

I was born in Karlsruhe on November 8, 1979. After completing my high school education at the Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium in Stutensee, I embarked on a journey to study law in Heidelberg and Montpellier around the turn of the millennium. Subsequently, I moved to the Netherlands and continued my academic career, ultimately earning my doctoral degree in 2016. In 2021, I was appointed as a Professor of European Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Even after my entry into the European Parliament, I continue to teach and conduct research on a reduced scale. This ensures that I remain continually challenged by recurring encounters and critical inquiries from students and colleagues, gaining a deeper understanding of the issues that truly concern people.

Baden-Württemberg is my homeland.

I grew up in Stutensee, in the Karlsruhe area, and attended school there. My father is Hungarian, my mother is German, and my wife is Polish. I enjoy reading, playing the guitar, and, when time allows, playing volleyball. Additionally, I often travel with my sons, both of whom were born in the Netherlands. My biography reflects that I am a European at heart and I embody the European idea. Consequently, I am immensely pleased to have the opportunity to shape European politics together with you!

Rene Repasi Portrait



2016Doctorate (Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg)
2008Second State Examination in Law
2006First State Examination in Law
1999Abitur (Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium Stutensee)

Political Career

2018-todayChairman of the Motion Commission of the SPD BW
2018-todayCo-opted Member of the Executive Committee of the SPD BW
2018-todayMember of the Presidium of the SPD BW
2015-2018Elected Member of the Executive Committee of the SPD BW
2015-2017Deputy Chairman of the Europa-Union BW
2009-2016Chairman of the SPD district association KA-Land

Professional Career

2021-heuteProfessor (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
2020-2022Director (Erasmus Center for Economic and Financial Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam)
2020-2022Assoz. Professor (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
2018-2019Ass. Professor (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
2014-2018Scientific Director (European Research Centre for Economic and Financial Management “EURO-CEFG” of the Universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam)
2010-2012Lecturer (University of Applied Sciences Fulda)
2007-2015Research Associate (Institute for German and European Corporate and Business Law, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg)

I am a European deep inside and live the European idea. Now I am incredibly happy to be able to help shape European politics together with you!