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Baden-WürtTemberg in Europe

For Baden-WürtTemberg in the European Parliament

Dear fellow citizens,

Welcome to my homepage! Since 2022, I have had the privilege of representing the citizens of Baden-Württemberg in the European Parliament. My aim is to contribute steadily to the improvement of our Europe, and consequently, the quality of life for the people in my home state. Achieving this goal necessitates a strong presence in both Brussels and Strasbourg. It is through raising our voices that we can truly effect political change and help shape the Europe of tomorrow!

Your support empowers us in this significant endeavor. To learn more about me and my political objectives, please explore this website. Should you wish to reach out personally, I encourage you to get in touch via email. Alternatively, you can always contact my offices in Baden-Württemberg by phone.

Thank you for your interest!

Warm regards,

Three goals of my poliTics

1. Ensuring Robust Consumer Protections Across the European Union

I am a staunch advocate for establishing a fair and equitable single European market that prioritizes the welfare of citizens and holds large corporations accountable. Building upon the rich tradition of the Social Democrats in Baden-Württemberg, I am committed to championing and defending robust consumer rights on the European stage.

2. Harnessing Control Over the Market Dominance of Digital Giants

In today’s digital age, tech conglomerates such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and others wield unprecedented influence. It is imperative that we introduce comprehensive regulations and oversight mechanisms to rein in these market forces, safeguard data privacy, preserve democratic values, and ensure fair competition within the European context.

3. Combating Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

As part of my mandate, I am dedicated to advocating for transparent and stringent regulations governing financial market participants. These rules must not only be established but also rigorously enforced. I am fiercely committed to combatting tax avoidance and money laundering, promoting fundamental social democratic principles in the process.


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